Replacement Armature For 1946 Berkshire & Turbine Engines


This armature was used in the 1946 versions of the Lionel Berkshire & Turbine Engines. The motors incorporated into these engines came to be known as "Horizontal Motors" due to the way they were mounted, and sat, on the chassis. The following figure not only shows you different views of the armature itself, but also all the application information that applies to this armature.




The most notable feature of these motors (compared to later versions) is the fact that the pinion gear was pressed onto the shaft "after" the armature was inserted into the motor housing. This method was used in 1946 only. From 1947 onward, the gear was cut directly into the shaft, thus eliminating the need to press a gear on/off the end of the shaft in order to install/remove the armature.

Due to the limited production period, this armature has been extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find since the 1950ís. And the list of engines in which it was used was almost as short: the 726 Berkshire, the 671 Turbine, and the 2020 Turbine.