!!! American Flyer / Chicago Flyer Brush Tube Rivets !!!

Up for sale is a pack of 50 steel rivets for use as brush spring retainers in Chicago Flyer / American Flyer Pre-WWII motors. Both O-Gauge and Wide-/Standard-Gauge motors use these. These are the rivets that come rocketing out of the brush tubes every time you try to work on your engine. You know ... the ones that are so small they can be lost forever if they land on the floor (or even your workbench).

The following picture shows how these rivets are used.




Instead of using a brush cap, the brushes, springs, and rivets were secured in the brush tube by inserting the hookup wires through holes drilled in the tubes. The brush springs themselves had one end slightly closed up to prevent the rivet from falling thru the center of the spring. The rivets kept the brush springs from backing out around the hookup leads during operation.

These rivets can be used in every Chicago Flyer motor that had side-drilled, open-ended brush tubes. They are used in both locomotive motors and whistle motors. Steamers or electrics, high-end products or low-end products, O-Gauge or Standard-/Wide-Gauge Ö it made no difference. Thatís the way they did it. Hereís your chance to lay in a supply of these.

Any questions? Please donít hesitate to e-mail (hannon@trainrefs.com) or call (410-531-3244). Iíll be glad to discuss this item with you.


Bob Hannon

Hereís just a sample of the engines that used this rivet: 423, 424,425, 427, 429, 435, 436, 614, 617, 915, 916, 1084, 1085, 1093, 1096, 1101, 1131-2029-Whistle, 1688, Hiawatha, 3011k 3020, 2100, 3110, 3192, 3195, 3194, 3198, 3303, 3304, 3307, 3315,3326, 4315-4615, 4321, 4603-4303, 4615-6, 4653, 4670, 4677-7715, 4695, 9900, all Champion-Motored Engines, Zephyr, 561 Minnehaha/New York Central, K568, 4644, 4653, 4670, 4677, 4695 and many, many more.