Replacement Armature For All Lionel Standard Gauge Super Motors



In 1923, Lionel announced a new line of Standard Gauge engines powered by its new "Super Motor".  The two broad classes of motors are shown in the figure above. Continuing the tradition of the Standard Motor, the early Super Motors (also called Large Gear Super Motors) had a single compound intermediate gear.  The two variants of this motor are shown on the left side of the figure. These motors used the SM-16 armature.

Later Super Motors had double compound intermediate gears.  The earliest version had a Manual Reverse only and continued using the SM-16 armature.  The later Super Motors provided an 'E'-lectric Reverse and used the SM-92 armature.   The SM-92 armature featured a different winding scheme (for enhanced performace), and a reinforced commutator (much thicker retaining rings at the base of the commutator). 

Unfortunately, this design feature (the thicker ring) added to the overall form factor of the armature, thus limiting its use in the earlier Super Motors. The reinforcing ring could rub against the brush tubes in some of the earlier Super Motors. 

The armature for sale here does not have this spacing constraint.  So, you will get the performance of the SM-92 armature, without the spacing (and other) constraints of the SM-16.

About This Armature:

This armature is brand new and guaranteed to meet or exceed original Lionel Specifications. No tricks! The armature is wound exactly like the original SM-92 armature.  The shaft is new (not scored, bent or nicked) and has the correct 0.112" diameter as the original. The windings are new (I use only the highest temperature enamelled wire, not the red, green or pink stuff that burns up if the motor locks up or the wheels are on too tight). Windings are permanently insulated from contacting the laminations (a common cause of armature failure). And, of course, the commutator is new (and meets the shaft concentricity requirements of the original armature). (See guarantee below).


The armature shown here  can be used in ALL of Lionel's Standard Gauge "Super Motors" (samples shown in the picture above) manufactured & sold between (1923) and 1930).   Some of the later engines in which you will use this armature are: 8, 8E, 10, 10E, 33 (Super motor version), 50 (Super motor Version), 318, 318E, 380, 380E, 402 (1924 on), 402E, 408, 408E. These motors will have "Super Motor" embossed on the name tag you will find on the collector assembly.